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Doctor Stuff specializes in helping medical practices and physicians save money and become more efficient.

We offer a comprehensive line of products, enabling you to take advantage of one-stop shopping, while having the peace of mind that you are saving money.

We offer many product lines that will make an immediate positive impact on your organization, possibly none more than medical shelving and our high density mobile filing systems.

We can help you if you are starting a new practice, moving your practice or just need to grow your practice. Doctor Stuff can help you decide what is the best product for your situation.

Feature highlights

L&T 4 Post

Medical Shelving

L&T 4 Post shelving is our most popular item. It is economical and easy to install.

Lateral Track System

Index Tabs and Dividers

Our lateral track systems are popular for practices that have some space limitations.

Mobile Track System

Mobile Shelving

Our mobile track systems are perfect when you have very little space available to your organization.

Stackable Shelving


X-Ray Shelving

Medical Shelving
Stackable shelving allows you to start small and then grow to the size that you need.
Index Tabs and Dividers
Stak-N-Lok is a unique shelving that combines quality, asthetics and the ability to keep files secure.

X-ray Shelving
Our X-ray shelving is high quality and comes in both L&T 4 Post and Stackable styles.

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