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Product Line

Doctor Stuff is proud of our medical shelving expertise and offerings. However, we are about much more than just filing and shelving.

Focusing on the healthcare market, our mission is to save you money by providing efficient equipment, supplies, systems and most importantly service.

On this page, we have outlined some of our other product offerings, designed to make medical practices more efficient.

CMS Claim Forms (formerly HCFA) and other billing products.
  Privacy Monitor
HIPAA Privacy Monitors and Privacy Filters for Computer Screens

Filing Supplies

Patient Charts
Chart Dividers
Custom Index Tabs
Fileback Dividers
Adhesive Dividers
Doc-u-clip Fasteners
Stock Index Tab Sheets
Classification Folders
Dental Folders
File Envelopes
File Pockets
Pressboard Folders

Filing Accessories

NetLabels Label Printing Software
Folder Conversion Tabs
Expanding Fileback Pocket
Manilla Folder Pockets
Mounting Sheets
Mylar Label/Folder Protectors
Paper Punches
Poly Pockets
Vinyl Document Protectors


Traditional Four Post Shelving
Stackable (Open Shelf)
Stak-N-Lok Lockable Shelving
Rotary Units
Track Shelving Systems
Mobile Shelving Systems
Tambour Doors (Pull Down Doors)
X-Ray Shelving
File Carts
Lockable File Cart

Billing & Insurance

Insurance Claim Forms (HCFA, ADA and UB-92)
HCFA Claim Envelopes (regular and jumbo)
Patient Statements
Billing Envelopes
Pre-Inserted Billing Envelopes
Billing and Collection Reminder Labels
Insurance and Office Labels

Coding Books

Coding Software
Other Books
NetLabels Label Printing Software
Alpha Color Coding Labels
Blank Label Stock
Chart Labels
Month Color Code Labels
Name/Chart Identification Labels
Numeric Color Code Labels
Solid Color Labels
Transcription Labels
Year Bands Color Code Labels
Billing and Collection Reminder Labels
Insurance and Office Labels
Custom Labels


Letterhead Envelopes
Business Cards
Appointment Cards
Memo/”From The Desk of” Pads
Carbonless Forms
Prescription Pads
Security Prescription Pads
Blank Security Paper


Practice Forms
Laser Checks
3 On a Page Checks
Deposit Tickets
Encounter Forms & Superbills


Notice of Privacy Practices (with Acknowledgement Label)
PHI Access Log
PHI Disclosure Log
Request for Amendment Form
Request for Accounting of Disclosures
Request to Inspect PHI Form
Request for Confidential Communications
Request for Restrictions
PHI Tracking Log
Authorization to Release Information
Employee Training Log
Practice Training Log
Privacy Alert Label
Confidential Communications Label
Confidential Sign In System
HIPAA Index Tabs
Privacy Screen Monitors


Pre-Inked Stock Title Stamps
Self-Inking Stamps (Custom)
Chart Holders
Magazine Racks
Presentation Folders
Privacy Screen Monitors
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