Superbills, Encounter Forms, Charge Slips

Superbills, Charge Slips and Encounter Forms

We at Doctor Stuff understand how important a superbill or encounter form is to your organization. We are happy to work with you to make this form improve your reimbursements and help make your practice more efficient.

A pre-printed superbill will help you reduce your overall costs compared to printing a complete superbill directly from your practice management software. We will work with you to design a superbill around your computer system that pre-prints the formatting and the common codes that your practice uses. Your practice will print just the variable patient demographic data, and reduce your laser printer toner costs.

Superbills are essential to efficiency and they can be used in a variety of different ways:

  • Routing slips
  • Summary of services rendered
  • Immediate and complete receipts

We offer a wide selection of Superbill options and features:

  • Paper stocks and ink colors which make them easy to use and read
  • Multipart, continuous Superbills that run smoothly through your printer
  • Compatible with any software program; used with continuous feed or laser printers

Doctor Stuff will work with you to design a customized superbill that works for your practice and we even offer a service to have your superbill checked to make sure it is updated and to help you get maximum reimbursement.

Continuous Superbills
Designed for impact printers (Okidata, etc.), continuous superbills are great when you need to have multiple copies (parts). Impact printers are generally the least expensive printers to operate.

Cut sheet (laser) superbills
Similar to the continuous forms, except without the holes on the side. Designed for laser and inkjet printers.

New paper technologies allow for multiple part laser printing. Call us for details.

Snap Set Superbills
Typically designed with a "stub" at the top, snap set superbills are great if you need to handwrite information on the form. Not recommended if you are putting them through a printer.


Pegboard Superbills
We have a variety of solutions for various pegboard systems.

  • Safeguard®
  • McBee®
  • Control-O-Fax®
  • POS®
  • NBS®/System Eight
  • Reynolds Post-Rite®
  • Mastercraft®
  • Transkrit®
  • Veribest®

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